Casino Affiliate Programs

–°asino Programms

Casino partners are the connecting part between the webmaster, who extracts incredible gaming traffic in huge amounts and, directly, the casino itself, which accepts players and pays a commission on their losses.

The casino pays to the affiliate program (in case the affiliate is an aggregator of casinos of different manufacturers if the affiliate is created on the basis of one or two casinos and is their own, it is essentially only an interface for tracking traffic and calculating payments), and the affiliate webmaster provides detailed information on the received traffic, the number of deposits, caches, and based on these data – calculates the amount of earnings affiliate.

The partners below are the ones I have tested over several years. As soon as a joint appears in the affiliate program – I stop working with it and send it to the emergency partner itself, and all its casinos from all sites, with the, redirected traffic to other sites.