Templates And Plugins WordPress For Gambling Sites

Gambling WordPress Templates

Quite a popular topic of questions that come to my mail or write in comments to the blog: what templates to use to create casino theme sites? Someone needs a smooth structure in the form of tiles for the site about slot machines (to be similar to the site of the casino itself, such as volcanoes), on the contrary, someone needs a tricky review with many functions (for example, labels, etc.

I’ll publish some that I’ve used and continue to use myself, not all of them are perfect, but you can download them directly from my site (most of them have been made many manual improvements).

  • WP Root is the easiest WordPress template that I use for gemming, because there is really nothing superfluous in it, and everything superfluous we will install by ourselves, in the form of the most necessary plugins, without shining the virgin purity of the code. Among my personal improvements in this template is the addition of a random field “casino mirror”, as well as setting up to publish ratings and additional buttons in the sidebar using the plugins, which I will write about below. In general, to make everything work perfectly, you’d better consult with me on how to install and configure it.
  • Jarida is a fairly functional plugin, initially intended for news sites. It’s a good fit for slot review sites. The archive may be a slightly outdated version, but sorry – I have not used it myself for a long time.
  • Gauge – a very functional template WordPress, which, in principle, is ideal for rating gambling reviewers, aggregators as slots and much more. There are excellent tables with meta-data, you can make a chic thoughtful relink on any parameter (for example, the manufacturer of slots, the size of the bonus, etc.), a bunch of built-in widgets to display casino ratings, etc. Strongly twisted template, I didn’t like it only because for its full functionality it is necessary to use the visual composer, which in my opinion strongly loads the servo and the site itself. In general – mast have if everything is properly cleaned and configured.
  • BCL – partly the actual production of a template from, I do not remember what it is called, another focused on casino sites template. I haven’t used it for a long time, I can say little now, I know that there are ratings too, the main page is well customizable, at your discretion to install and try, in case of ambiguity – please contact us, we’ll sort it out because part of the code there also remade once manually. And yes, I called it BCL, I can’t remember why.

I threw a few more templates in the /another folder, I can not remember anything specific about them, but you can use them. For those who don’t know how to install the gambling template WordPress – choose a folder with the theme name from my archive and upload it to the folder wp-content/themes/ on your site. Then go to “Appearance” – “Themes” in the console and select a new one (it should appear there automatically). I have not pushed any of my links into templates, but I do not guarantee that there is no dirt left from previous publishers (most of them are paid, so you understand). On top of all that, some of them were fully translated from English, so they should all be in Russian.

Plug-ins for casino websites on WordPress

There’s a small selection of the most basic plugins that I now use in conjunction with the Wp-Root template, all of which have been downloaded recently and will be normally updated via the WordPress console. Pretty good plugin used by kahuna casino Please don’t be critical about versions and it’s my choice of plug-ins, because all this was done for myself, and continues to function quite adequately. If you have your own views on this issue, please comment on it.

  • Advanced Custom Fields – a plugin for adding arbitrary fields and their correct customization into WordPress templates. I use it only for one single field I need, but you can invent a lot of interesting things with it, and then there will be very convenient structured articles with simple data entry. Also, the various function keys and calls for action are well systematized with it.
  • Comments Widget Plus is a convenient and easily customizable plugin for publishing short clippings from the latest comments on the site. It is useful for additional linking and displaying activity on the site, ie the visibility of fresh content. Manually redesigned in this blog, who will need – I can drop your CSS-Ku well or slightly correct yours.
  • Recent Post Widget with Thumbnails – In my opinion, the easiest and most convenient plugin to display the latest entries in the sidebar. Huge selection of display methods, sorting, size of thumbnails and heaps of other info. I also remade it for myself, but each update flies CSS files, so most likely it is in the original archive. On some sites, I do not update this plugin through the console, because there is a very important design, which I myself have configured.
  • Visual Term Description Editor – simple and convenient functionality for editing headings description. Many others like it, but for some reason, I liked this one more.
  • WP Post views – plugin necessary for normal operation of “number of views” function in WP-Root template (as soon as you install it, there is a peephole with number of views next to number of comments, this function is prescribed in the template, but works through a plugin), but also easily integrates into any other template.
    WP Product Review – it’s simple, at the beginning of the review of a certain product (eg, casino or slot) plugin adds a special table, filling which you get a nice window with ratings. You can place it both at the beginning and at the end of the review. I also completely customized it for myself by slightly changing the layout and graphics.

That’s all, by the plug-ins and templates that I use to visualize my gembling sites. All of them are very light and with pure code, the poet does not load the server at all on any number of visits. In another article I wrote more about the technical side of gembling sites, there you will find information on the rest of the necessary settings and plugins for WordPress to use it in promoting casino sites.

For newbies, I can offer a $150 full installation of everything you need: a template WP-Root (or any other, but there is an individual discussion of “what you need”) with its clear configuration, installation of customizable plug-ins exactly as on my screens (maybe fit your color scheme, some edits in the texts of tables, etc.) and everything else, resulting in a fully prepared fast and optimized site to fill the content from scratch. Who needs a skin sample. This is for those who are far from the technical part, and just because I have already eaten so many dogs that it is time to monetize